Vogue Inspiration – Write your captions

Three steps to create a caption everyone will stop scrolling to read and comment!

  1. Start with a catchy line! The shorter the better! The reason of this line is to get the reader excited to read the second line! Then the second line will hock the reader to read the third line! Boom you stopped the Instagramer from scrolling!
  2. Follow up with a story. Start with time, place and action! This will keep your reader interested even more!
  3. End the caption with your personal reflections or a call to action!
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The 3 types of hashtags you need to know to grow your Instagram profile

Hashtags simply are 3 types

  1. Branded #adidas #ameeralba
  2. Trending #MtlFall #conadaelections
  3. Descriptive #hashtagstips #instagramtips

Now, when you post you should include some of each type. You can include up to 30 in your Instagram post.

This is the best way to think about it!

Brands -> Trends -> Descriptions


Have 3 sets of hashtags that you save!

  1. Your branded hashtags should have a Shortcut on your keyboard!
  2. You have to think about the trending hashtags at the moment you post
  3. Descriptive hahatags should be created according to the image. Content, colors, mode as well as style.

Here is my podcast about using hashtags for local growth

Using Hashtags for local growth

Get higher engagement on Instagram using AI to evaluate your pictures and create your hashtags!! Ask Lisa App

This app will save you time and energy! This app uses Artificial Intelligence to collect data from your Instagram account then help you evaluate your pictures before you post them and tell you which one will get you the highest engagement!

It will give you the picture with the highest possible engagement rate based on all pictures on your Instagram business account!

The second most amazing value this app provides is hashtags based on image recognition technology!

This is my test pictures and as you see! It found Sony and Adidas as well as the type of photography and colors!

Sign up with this link, enter the code umMafVr after signing up and get one month FREE Lisa Plus.

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Learn photography by doing this Creativity Challenge

One of the most important aspects of at is creativity.

In photography you can challenge yourself to become more creative ! So here is a challenge for you. It will take you 10-20 minutes or more it really depends on how invested you are to get the best of this exercise.

Let’s go

  1. Go to a place you like, I went to Mandy’s on Sherbrooke Street.
  2. Take 9 pictures at the place you’ve chosen.

Take these 9 pictures in these 3 formats. Each format will help you learn an important concept in Photography.


Take 3 pictures through objects. This technique gives your pictures DEPTH.


Take 3 pictures applying the Rule of Thirds! This will help you learn COMPOSITION


Take 3 Pictures in Black and White this will help you learn the importance of CONTRAST

After finishing this exercise go a head and apply the three styles together!

Take a picture in B&W, THROUGH objects and make sure you are applying the RULE of THIRDS.

Congratulations you just Learned the most important element in Creativity!

Mixing different unique styles to create something of your style!

Next exercise is going to be unsung this concept but we will use pictures from your favorite bloggers!

#letsgo #thefastcreator

How to take and edit sick pictures on your iPhone easily using light secrets and cool apps

Your iPhone has an amazing camera! Now there are a lot of big bloggers who take all of their pictures on their iPhone. The iPhone camera is a combination of hardware and software that make the final picture already edited in an amazing way, if you have enough light in your picture.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand

Negin Mirsalehi is a beautiful blogger who built her followers using her iPhone camera. Her secrets are understanding light, perfecting style and amazing composition of her pictures. Then she uses apps to edit her pictures to be perfect.

View this post on Instagram

We come prepared after two days of 🌧

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In fact if you check my Instagram posts. You’ll find that more than 2000 of my posts are taken and edited on my iPhone.

So, what are the secrets ?

Understanding basic light photography

This is very useful to watch as Julia Trotti will show you the importance of light not only on your subject but also in the background.

You can always get a small ring light if you want to take pictures at home

Apps to edit and capture your pictures

Click on the name of the app to download


One of the most powerful apps in the app store. has lots of features and the app is very easy to use.

RNI Films

This app gives you film like filters and you can modify them as you like. easy to use and gives you a consistent look for your pictures.


Another app that will give you beautiful styles also is a platform to get inspired by other artistic photographers.


One of the most advanced photography apps you can use to make the most of your iPhone camera. night photography, sport photography, product photography and more. I can tell you that it is worth the 2.99 you’ll pay to get it.

5 Tips for videographers Working with Influencers

Their audience are your soon to be clients

I have started my business working with influencers achieving their social media goals. I believe that if you help people get to their dreams, you will get to your dream as well. Here are the lessons I learned and I think it will help you understand the value of working with influencers.

Know their audience.

  • The better you understand their audience the better editing and messaging you can use when you’re creating the content. You will be choosing the music as well as the fonts and colour tones. It is very important to understand what the influencer’s audience like. You can know that by checking what content has the highest engagement rate.

Understand their message.

  • Every influencer has a niche. You have to understand that niche very well and be able to at least talk about the basics of that niche. Why ? To be bale to have flow while creating the content and possibly give ideas.

Build a longterm relationship with them.

  • The longer the relationship you have with them the better the content you create because you have a better understanding of the influencer and her audience.

Work with less than 5 influencers.

  • Start with a big number like 10 influencers then make your way to your top 5 then overtime you can work with the one you really enjoy working with and bring you the most value.
Red Hat Lady - Montréal Old Port

Get inspired and Inspire them.

  • when you are working in an artistic environment you have to be able to see other people’s work and get inspired. If something is working for you, you will be copied for sure. That is inspiration. Social media is about exposure and the more you’re copied the better your work is!

How to Create Captivating Video Content?

This is what I’ve been developing the past two years through creating professional videos. I have created more than 2000 edits with an average of 3 edits everyday. I have worked with teams as well as solo. I created videos for brand awareness for higher engagement as well as converting videos with strong calls to action. These are the secrets I always make sure a video has while I am creating it.

5 Tips to Create Captivating Videos

  1. One message, one video. Less is more when you want to get people’s attention. One message get it across in the clearest possible way.
  2. Grow the message from start to end. Make sure some change happens throughout the video.
  3. Know who is going to watch the video and give viewers a reason to continue watching.
  4. Present your strongest shots at the beginning. This will hook your viewers and they will continue watching hoping for another amazing shot.
  5. Sync the feeling of the shots with music that reflects the same feelings. The more accurate your sync the better the quality of your videos.
Red Hat Lady - Montréal Old Port

5 Tips for you to be a content creator in Montreal

Keep Creating Every Day

This is my 5 tips to grow your video business based on my experience building mine in Montreal.

  1. Keep creating everyday on your Instagram stories. This is how you start getting your referred customers. Also instagram stories will disappear in 24 hours so you better keep creating and keep improving all the time. otherwise you’ll start repeating yourself and you’ll lose your followers engagement with you.
  2. Collaborate with people you vibe with. Collaborate to show people your work and the variety of work you can achieve. If you want to get clients who pay the big bucks you need to have a solid portfolio. At the beginning the only way for you to build your portfolio really quickly is by collaborating with others.
  3. Create a system (workflow) for your work and the way your work with people and your projects. It is very important to be known for one style at the beginning of your journey.
    This will make people know you and talk about you and your unique style. When I started my goal was always to create quickly, quick videos. I would go with any influencer and create the video by the end of our coffee together. I got to be known as the fast videographer.
  4. Forget about money. If you’re thinking about videography to become a cinematographer and go to hollywood and all that then good luck. My first 3 months I worked for free. I used to contact influencers and offer my services for free in exchange of a mention & a tag.
  5. You will have to work harder everyday for the first 2 years. The more the time passes the easier it gets. You’ll build your name and your reputation in the city.
  6. Extra tip: reinvest most of the money you make in leveling up your gear and your editing software.